Pastor Finds ‘Literal’ Safety at the Cross

Doug and Greta McCart Source: Christian Index

A Newnan, Georgia pastor is still relieved after surviving a tornado that destroyed his church.

“I felt the building shaking,” Pastor Doug McCart, of Unity Baptist Church, said in an interview with The Christian Index. “I thought, ‘the building can’t withstand this. I’m about to meet Jesus face to face.’”

In late March, McCart and his wife Greta were in their RV when they got a notification about the twister passing through. They immediately took refuge in the church, when the twister struck at 175 mph.

When the McCarts took cover, they quickly realized something unique. They had been resting at the foot of a cross.

“Where that landing is, we were sitting right at the foot of the cross,” he said. “It was like the Lord was standing there at that wall and said to that tornado, ‘stop, that’s as far as you can go.’”

The storm left more than $3 million in damages, but McCart said there’s a positive to this experience.

“The Lord has just been so awesome through this,” said McCart, two months after the incident. “Our attendance has increased. Thanks to insurance, we’ll end up with better buildings. I have a better RV, a better truck. It’s amazing what a mighty God we serve.”

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