Painter Uses Her Profession to Illustrate the Gospel

Source: Baptist Standard

Using every opportunity provided, artist Robin Oas is painting the gospel. Whether on the walls of an orphanage in Africa, fingering painting with her bare hands, or illustrating Jesus’ resurrection on a canvas, Oas uses visual storytelling to capture audiences attention to compel individuals to seek Christ.

Oas, the artist in residence at First Baptist Church in Irving, Texas said, “I was raised in a family of artists, and my parents were so encouraging and allowed me to jump in and create art with them at a young age,” Oas recalled. “Growing up, I remember my dad using art to illustrate the Bible lessons he was teaching in Sunday school, and I saw the impact of using art to connect people with the gospel at a really young age.

“Through the years, it was a combination of talent running in my family and a lot of hard work to learn about the process of creating and fine-tuning the skills.”

Recalling being “voluntold” by her parents to assist their congregation with art work for church programs, she remarked, “As people began taking notice of my art, a pastor in California asked me to paint while he preached, and I told him that I would pray about it. Well, even before I said yes, my name was printed in the bulletin. So, I had to just jump in—even though I was completely unsure of how it would turn out. It’s so funny to look back now and see how God used that experience to reach people and draw them to him.”

Soon after Oas relocated to Texas, it didn’t take long before she was asked to create large-scale stage designs for Vacation Bible Schools, choir musicals and nativity scenes for churches around the state.

In her spare time, Oas enjoys partnering with His Voice Global, an organization that works in parts of the world with high concentrations of vulnerable women and children. It focuses on encouraging and equipping communities in South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda with practical, physical and spiritual transformation through the hope of the gospel.

“Most people wouldn’t think of art as a ministry or a way to share the gospel, but it really is,” Oas said. “After one of the events, I heard there was a visitor who really took an interest in a live painting being done during the sermon, because it helped him understand the message, and he gave his life to Christ that week as a result.

“Hearing stories of how God can use moments like that is something that only he can do, and I love how he uses art to connect people with the gospel.”

Source: Baptist Standard