Oregon Father Advocates to Make Playgrounds More Disability Friendly

One Oregon father’s attempt to make his neighborhood playground more accessible for his daughters with disabilities has sparked conversation around the State of Oregon to make playgrounds more disability-friendly.

G Cody QJ Goldberg is the father of Harper who uses a wheelchair.  On playgrounds that use wood chips surrounding the equipment, wheelchairs are not able to optimally maneuver.  Inspired by a playground design he observed more than a decade ago, Goldberg got to work.

For more than a decade, Goldberg has been advocating to make playgrounds throughout the city of Portland accessible to all children.  When Goldberg took his frustrations to the city’s parks and recreation department, they consistently stated they did not have the funds to retrofit the city’s numerous parks. However, they would support creating more accessible parks, if there was private funding.

Motivated, the Goldbergs formed Harper’s Playground, a nonprofit organization committed to opening more handicap-accessible playgrounds.  After years of fundraising, they opened their first parks to the public in November 2010 and continue to raise funds to construct more.

The playground features everything from musical instruments, handicap-accessible play equipment, green social spaces, and paved ramps (which can be utilized by skateboarders and wheelchair users alike).

In an interview with Freethink, Goldberg said, “The space has to be physically inviting, so if you use wheels you can get absolutely everywhere.”

Source: Good News Network