Ordained Minister Umpired World Series

MLB umpire Ted Barrett. Source: Baptist Press

Ted Barrett, 56, is not only a MLB umpire but also an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

Barrett has umpired Major League Baseball games since 1999. In addition to his role on the field, Barrett co-founded Calling for Christ, a ministry that works to promote Christian values among professional athletes.

Describing his dual vocation as umpire and minister, he said, “It’s truly a gift all good things come from God and this was a surprise for me.”

In a nontraditional move Barrett was selected to umpire this year’s World Series. Because Barrett had already umpired a World Series less than 5 year ago, the traditional period that elapses before umpires are eligible to umpire another World Series, Barrett was even more shocked.

When not umpiring, he is busy working with Calling for Christ witnessing the gospel. He said, “It’s been really cool coming up with guys in the minor leagues who, at first, had no interest in church or Scripture.

“I get to see their participation grow at things like a retreat or spring training Bible study. They get involved and go deep. It’s great to watch.”

More importantly than umpiring, Barrett gets excited about the post season when he gets to spend time with his grandkids, filling pulpits and conducting small groups through Calling for Christ.

“A lot of guys, as we get older, realize more and more how much we rely on God,” he said. “The reality is God has been carrying me all along. Whatever God has next, I’m going to enjoy it. We’re to give it all to God and let things play out.”

Source: Baptist Press