Oklahoma Goodwill Finds $42,000 In Old Clothes

When Andrea Lessing started working at her local Goodwill in Norman, Oklahoma, she was looking not only for a job, but a way to make a difference in her community.

Loving everything about her new job, Lessing said she has been really surprised by the generosity of her neighbors especially during the pandemic. However, what she never anticipated was finding was stacks of $100 bills stuffed inside two old sweaters.

Initially thinking the bills were fake, Lessing realized once she started counting the money, the bills were real. Someone had either left them as part of a donation or just forgot about them.

The cash totaled $42,000.

Upon finding the money, Lessing initially thought about keeping some it for herself and using it to help throw a party for her six year old daughter. She said, “Her birthday is coming up in July, so I can actually give her an amazing birthday party.”

Believing in karma, Lessing decided against keeping the money, since it conflicted with her values.

Deciding to report the lost cash, Goodwill Industries was able to locate the owner, using some identifiable documentation that had been bundled with the money inside the donation.

The owners, who had forgotten about the money when they donated the clothing, gave Lessing $1,000.

Lacey Lett, the Director of Communications at Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma, said, “Since we gave her the reward on Thursday. I spoke to her yesterday, and she is still in shock—and awed by their generosity.”

To date this is the largest cash find in Oklahoma Goodwill history and ranks among the top finds for Goodwill internationally.

Commenting on the entire ordeal, Lessing said, “I made the right decision,” and it definitely paid off for her.

Source: KFOR News