Ohio woman thankful for her ‘new’ car from gracious salesmen

Buckle up, this is a good story.

One Local woman sat wondering how she was going to make ends meet. When two gracious salesmen did the unthinkable.

Normally when you walk into a car dealership, you’re greeted by a salesman who’s working to get you into the best car possible. That’s true for Brittany a Toledo, Ohio mom, but it wasn’t in the traditional sense. It was much, much different at Taylor Kia.


“Every customer matters to us and we’re really a dealer for the people and we really are just trying to make a difference.”


“He didn’t even meet me or see me,” said Brittany Campbell, a Toledo mother. “Just to hear what I went through and how I wanted to get a car for my family that alone was just beautiful. It was really beautiful.”

Brittany Campbell is a single mother to four kids fighting to make ends meet.

She went to Taylor Kia about two weeks ago looking for a car after hers was totaled in an accident. She initially had money for a down payment from her insurance, but the day before she went looking to purchase a car the money was stolen. She hoped Taylor Kia could make something happen, but she didn’t expect what came next.

Chris Molnar was the salesman working with her and after leaving he couldn’t shake the disappointment of not being able to help her. He vented with a co-worker and what followed blew him away.

“I went back out to the lot and was just talking to Ahamad telling him what was going on,” said Chris Molnar, a sales associate at Taylor Kia. “Like, man I really feel bad what can I do for her you know? He’s like is she a good person? I was like yeah. He was like I’m going to give her my Honda. This was all within like 20 minutes, no thinking about nothing like that. I said are you sure? He was like yeah, I’m going to give her my Honda.”

Now with much better news, Chris returned to Brittany who was crying in her rental car still parked in their lot.

“I was thinking of something else to do,” said Brittany Campbell. “And he just walks out and I’m seeing excitement on his face, but I’m like are you going to finance me a car and he’s like no. And I was like no? So what’s the excitement for and he said well I have a sales associate that wants to give you a car for free. Oh my goodness, I burst into tears.”

Ahamad Cheaib says he was celebrating Ramadan and it was a chance to put his faith into action, to practice charity. He never met Brittany, but she now owns his 2004 Honda Accord.

“The stars were aligned,” said Cheaib. “At the time I had just bought a car maybe about a week and a half, two weeks before that and I was actually probably thinking about selling it, but I guess God had other plans.”

Those other plans amazed Brittany and Chris. In response to Ahamad’s gift, Chris paid for hundreds of dollars in repairs that the car needed. Brittany walked in to buy a new vehicle and was leaving with a car without paying a penny, no strings attached, no future payments, and no more car stress.

“Every customer matters to us and we’re really a dealer for the people and we really are just trying to make a difference,” said Chris Molnar.

“Whether it’s selling a car or even a situation like this if we can help someone, we will be more than happy to do that,” said Ahamad Cheaib.

Now Brittany can get to work, transport her kids and more. For her this story drives home the message that when you work hard others notice, and that good people will go the extra mile for you.

Source: WTOL