Off Duty Firefighter Rescues Toddler

Source: Mirror UK

Department officers, Stefon Douglas responded with heroism upon learning a toddler was trapped in the upstairs of her ablaze apartment.

Using a spare breathing apparatus that was in his car from a presentation to students at a local elementary school earlier in the week, Stefon, 33-years-old rushed into the burning building wearing only shorts, a t-shirt, and a pair of crocs.

Following the noises being made by the distressed toddler, Stefon found her trapped inside the bathroom with thick fumes of smoke swirling about.  Carrying the girl to safety, the 3-year-old was reunited with her elated mother who herself sustained major injuries from the fire.

Tragically, despite the best attempts of first responders, the mother succumbed to her injuries. However, thanks to Stefon’s bravery, her toddler was saved.

Being called a hero by neighbors, Stefon during an interview when asked how he felt responded, “Thankfully I had the breathing apparatus in my truck as there’s no way I would have performed the duties I did without that. I was able to knock down pockets of fire using the garden hose and that’s when I heard the girl whimpering inside.”

Stefon has received a commendation from his local fire unit and been praised by New York City officials including newly elected Mayor Eric Adams.

Source: Mirror UK