North Carolina Baptist Provide New Resource to Support Foster & Adoptive Ministry Services

Keith Henry, chief operating officer for Baptist Children’s Homes and David Powell, senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church, talking to Kevin Qualls, president of Christian Adoption Services. Source: Biblical Recorder

Baptists in North Carolina now have a new resource to support foster and adoptive families through a new endowment fund through the North Carolina Baptist Foundation (NCBF). 

Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) of North Carolina’s executive vice president of development and communications Brenda Gray said, “We’re enabling people sitting in the pews to give and to be a part of providing Christian homes for vulnerable children.”

The endowment will provide a permanent source of annual revenue for BCH’s foster care and adoption ministry. The Foundation is also providing another fund for immediate disbursement to assist BCH.

NCBF President Clay Warf expressed hope that individuals who hold a biblical worldview will support the Foundation’s work to help persons in foster care.

Warf said, “I was always concerned about good families who want to adopt but just can’t afford the fees … I just wanted us to do our part in helping them get some funding.”

Gray said BCH has a long-standing relationship with NCBF, which has been “tremendous in helping to educate our Baptist community about our ministry and helping us to secure additional funding needed to help us operate on a day-to-day basis.”

She described the creation of both funds as “a natural progression” in the relationship between BCH and NCBF. 

“They have a real commitment to providing Christian homes for vulnerable children,” said Gray.

BCH’s long term goal is to have foster families in all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. As of October 2020, BCH has 85 homes and 87 children in homes.  Additionally, another 62 families are in the process of becoming foster homes.

Source: Biblical Recorder