Non-Profit Partners with California to Help Prevent Wildfires

After being ravaged by wildfires over the past decade, the California Bureau of Land Management is partnering with nonprofits to re-engineer forests to be more fire resistant.

Prior reforestation policies had pine trees planted in rows in order to help block sunlight, limiting underbrush that would serve as accelerants to wildfires.  The “Pines in Lines” strategy did significantly help initially. However, years later, it created the unforeseen problem of turning the forest canopy into an accelerant, easily picked up by wind currents.

American Forests, a local non-profit, began questioning the “Pines in Lines” strategy and began developing an alternative reforestation project.  This new project seeks to return forest to the pre-Columbian diversity featuring clumps of different kinds of trees, not just pines, spaced far enough apart to prevent wildfires from spreading.

This new approach would also have the added benefit of protecting against drought. With the small clusters of trees put together, trees would have a greater monopoly on the supply of water that falls on them.

With this new approach, American Forests hopes to prevent future wildfires from being able to spread as quickly.

Source: Good News Network