Non-Profit Finds Creative Way to Use Recycled Fabrics

Despite not being an item found in the average households list of regularly recycled items, for the fashion industry fabric cuttings and textile leftovers can create unique challenges for most recycling centers.

To meet the challenge in New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world, Fascrap emerged.

Fabscrap is a door-to-door recycling company that works exclusively with fabrics.  Fabscrap then uses the leftover fabrics from brands like J. Crew, Nautica, and Macy’s in second-hand shops.

Founder of Fabscrap, Jessica Schreiber founded Fabscrap after years of working with the New York City Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability and discovered many fashion companies wanted to recycle their leftover fabrics but were unable to.

Currently, New York City laws require that items/materials are recycled if the material amounts to more than 10% commercial waste, a loophole that excludes the fashion industry.

Jessica pitched her idea to “Project Runway: Fashion Startup” and was awarded seed capital to start Fabscrap.

The company was a success and in its first year accumulated 20 clients.  Currently, Fabscrap manages 434 unique brands, amounting to 600,000 pounds of textiles from entering New York City landfills.

Schreiber hopes to expand to other cities and countries in particular Los Angeles – the home of the largest cut-and-sew manufacturing facilities in the United States.

In an interview with the Sierra Club, Schreiber said, “I think opening in LA gives us a really good blueprint for how we might be able to franchise this to other major cities.”

Source: Good News Network