Nike Releases New Hands Free Shoe

Nike Flyease Go Source: Nike

As many times as Nike has revolutionized the shoe industry, their latest groundbreaker is an option designed not for elite athletes, but to answer a specific need that has gone largely unaddressed.

Nike releases new shoe hands-free shoe, designed for injured veterans and stroke victims. Called the Flyease Go, it is the first totally hands-free shoe.  The shoe envelopes and releases the individual’s feet solely through natural motion.

A top Nike designer said the shoe is perfect for pregnant women in their third trimester, arthritis patients, or those who have lost some or all of the use of their arms.

In a chipper article on Fast Company, Nike designer Tobie Hatfield recalled the origins of the shoe’s conception back to 2008, when Nike’s very first employee suffered a stroke, lost motion in his arms, and was unable to wear the shoes he loved.

Charged with developing a shoe that could support their employee and others in similar positions, Hatfield went to work.

Nike describes The Flyease Go as an “everyday performance lifestyle shoe,” that is totally hands-free. The show will roll out later this year and is priced at $120.

Source: Nike