Nigerian Boy Wins Scholarship After Dancing in the Rain

A Nigerian boy is offered a full ride scholarship to attend a Manhattan based dance school after a video of him performing ballet goes viral.

Anthony Mmesoma Madu, an 11-year old from Badagry, Nigeria was awarded a scholarship by the American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance in New York City by Cynthia Harvey, the school’s artistic director, after seeing the video.

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance in New York City is among the most prestigious dance schools in the United States. Known for its “elite atmosphere dedicated to the success of each student”— the school is now providing internet access to Anthony and his family, so he can participate in virtual classes over the summer.

Academy award-winning actress Viola Davis, who after seeing Anthony dance tweeted, “Reminds me of the beauty of my people. We create, soar, can imagine, have unleashed passion, and love….despite the brutal obstacles that have been put in front of us! Our people can fly!!!”

Anthony remarked to the BBC, “When I am dancing… the feeling that comes over me is as if I am dreaming.”Cynthia Harvey told the Cincinnati Enquirer, “A child who shows this much dedication, you just have to help…If there is anything the world has taught us, it’s that we have to inspire all sorts of people and that we all have a lot to learn from one another. Providing opportunities for Daniel and Anthony is the right thing to do.”

Source: Good News Network