New York Teen Makes Bow Ties to Help Rescue Puppies Get Adopted

To help rescue puppies get adopted faster, one New York teen is working to help the puppies standout. By creating hand woven bow ties, Darius Brown is hoping that when prospective owners see how cute and cuddly the puppies look they won’t be able to resist adopting these furry friends. 

Since 2017, following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Darius has been delivering bow ties to the local ASPCA animal shelter that serves as a shelter for pets displaced by the storm.

Darius’s mom, Joy, described her son’s new found interest as “a godsend.” Diagnosed at a young age with several speech and fine-motor skills disorders, since Darius has started making bow ties, Joy has noticed Darius’s abilities have improved drastically.

In an interview with The Washington Post she commented, “He was so determined. He sat and watched Dazhai for months and took it all in. He started out cutting fabric and pretty soon, he was running the sewing machine by himself.”

He soon delivered his first batch of 25 rescue bowties to New York City’s ASPCA animal shelter, which had become a refuge for a large influx of dogs and cats displaced by Irma.

Darius told The Washington Post, “I saw how happy the people at the shelter were to get the bow ties and how much the dogs liked them, and I decided to make more. I came up with a goal to give bowties to an animal shelter in every state.”To date, Darius has sewn and delivered approximately 600 bowties for rescue animals. With the support of his mother, Darius has started a GoFundMe campaign to help defray the cost of Darius’s sewing supplies.  Additionally, Darius launched a business website, Sir Darius Brown that uses social entrepreneurship and earmarks profits to benefit the ASPCA.

Source: The Washington Post