New Wetsuit Helps People Overcome Fears of Swimming

Donna Mudge wearing her Floater wetsuit. Source: Good News Network

A new wetsuit by Airtime Watertime is helping people overcome their fears of swimming by providing a safe comfortable means for people to experience the water.

Normally, most floatation devices come in the form of belts and life jackets.  However flotation belts can be tricky because the center of gravity can have the reverse effect of leaving its wearer face down in the water; and life jackets can bring water up to the neck line creating an uncomfortable experience for wearers.

For Santa Barbara, California resident Donna Mudge, she needed more.  Mudge said, “Every time I was swimming, I feared that I would sink. And when I panicked, I would sink.”

Despite taking swimming lessons from a lifeguard friend, Mudge’s fear of drowning never allowed her to enjoy aquatic activities. After one bad incident during her swimming lessons, Mudge stated, “I gripped the edge of the pool so tight, my friend couldn’t get me to let go.”

When experimenting with Airtime Watertime’s new swimsuit, Mudge remarked she felt more at ease.

“I felt I could get in the water without someone watching me,” said Mudge.

The Floater was invented by surfer and entrepreneur Mark Okrusko and is designed to keep its wearers buoyant through a patented floation panel in the chest.

Okrusko said, “All wetsuits may look similar; however, the Airtime Watertime wetsuit stands, or floats above the rest, because of the added flotation in the front panel.”

Since its release the Floater has been helping people overcome the fear of water and is introducing people of all ages to aquatic life in a way that makes its wearers feel safe and comfortable.

To learn more about The Airtime Watertime floater, please visit their website

Source: Good News Network