New Initiative Shepherd Future Ministry Leaders

Youth at Called to Ministry sponsored by Georgia Baptist Mission Board. Source: Baptist Press

Through an evangelistic event organized by the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, teenagers interested in exploring careers in vocational ministry are getting the opportunity to experience what that might be like.

The organizers hope that the high schoolers who attend the Called to Ministry program will not only become future ministry leaders, but also disciple makers and positive influences for their peers.

According to Levi Skipper, the leader of the mission board’s church strengthening team, “There really just hasn’t been a clear pathway for teenagers to take when they felt called to ministry. We want to change that in the state of Georgia. There are students throughout this state who feel called to ministry, but for whatever reason we have begun to pull away from challenging people to respond to that call. We want to revive that.”

Through the initiative, students will gather virtually once a month in cohorts moderated by an experienced Georgia Baptist ministry leader.

Born out of Skipper’s own experience as a teenager navigating ministry, Skipper hopes that youth will be able to more readily find the resources that he struggled to obtain himself.

Seeking to create smoother experiences for featured pastors and leaders, he shared with Georgia Baptist Convention leadership, “I shared with my parents and my pastor what I sensed God was doing in my heart. They sought to help the best they could, but, looking back on that experience, I realize there wasn’t really a clear pathway for my development.”

Called to Ministry is one of a growing number of programs within the Southern Baptist Convention designed to meet the third of six strategic action steps of Vision 2025, which was adopted at this year’s annual meeting. The strategic plan states: “Increase the total number of workers in the field through a new emphasis on ‘calling out the called,’ and then preparing those who are called out by the Lord.”

“I am confident this process will help us raise up a new generation of leaders to help strengthen churches,” Skipper said.

Source: Baptist Press