New Contemporary Christian Music Documentary

“The Jesus Music,” is a new documentary released Oct. 1 that depicts the emergence of the contemporary Christian music (CCM) genre as a genre. The documentary features interviews with both new and old CCM artists, including Bill Gaither, Lauren Daigle, and Amy Grant.

The documentary tells the history of CCM from the late ‘60s and ‘70s, showcasing how it transformed into a multimillion dollar industry.

Directed by Jon and Andy Erwin, the co-directors of “Woodlawn,” “I Can Only Imagine” and “I Still Believe,” Jon Erwin noted the difference between this project and past projects. He said, “Those films are depicting events, but in this film, and why documentaries are actually more difficult to make is you’re discovering the story.

“It was a process of discovery, and I have never felt as much like a detective as our work on putting this story together.”

In addition to chronicling the impact of CCM artists, the documentary showcases several iconic gospel artists like Kirk Franklin and others discussing the impact gospel has had on the CCM.

Themes through the film include: death, divorce, conflict and racial reconciliation are discussed in the film, which features interviews with the artists themselves.

Commenting on the focus the documentary the filmmakers give to these less savory topics, Andy Erwin said the intention of the documentary is “not to cause more controversy or shame the artists but to understand the difficulties and challenges that come with notoriety.”

Jon Erwin added he hopes the film provides a “rush of hope.”

“The idea on display is that the best, most relatable, most inspiring and most hopeful art can come out of the deepest struggles…Sometimes the difficult things that we go through in life are where we find our voice.

Source: Baptist Press