New Car Helps Evangelist Reach Congregation

Chitungwiza Marondera District superintendent, Rev. Godknows Risinamhodzi unlocking the a new vehicle presented to Learnmore Rungwandi. Source: United Methodist News

United Methodist Congregation in Zimbabwe receives the first car to assist their pastor serving a circuit charge – a combination of two or more congregations served by the same pastor.

Hwedza United Methodist Church members sang and danced to show their gratitude to God after receiving their first circuit vehicle.

Local district superintendent Rev. Godknows Risinamhodzi of the Chitungwiza Marondera District commenting on the importance of reliable transportation in ministry said, “Mobility is one of the greatest challenges, among many, in most rural setups. With the current economic challenges, this achievement was never a walk in the park. Such an achievement was borne out of great sacrifices.”

Rev. Risinamhodzi credited the Rev. Tsitsi Madziyire of Seke North United Methodist Church pastor in charge of the sister circuit, Hwedza United Methodist Church, for launching the initiative.

During a fact-finding mission in April 2021, Madziyire and fellow clergy persons discovered that Hwedza’s membership extended across multiple communities a sizable distance apart. When asked how she conducted worship services without a vehicle, she said it was hard work.

When asked for comment, Madziyire said, “This required a team effort. Everyone went home, determined to do something toward the cause. We implemented an aggressive fundraising strategy and mobilized friends and relatives from all walks of life.”

In July, the church purchased a vehicle worth approximately $6,000 USD.

“I am happy,” local evangelist Learnmore Rungwandi said. “My tears have been dried, and my prayers have been answered. I had endured enough of walking long distances and humiliation and had lost my dignity. Had it not been because of the calling, the love of my job and my determination to bring people to Christ, I would have thought otherwise.”

The next phase of the groups project will include raising funds for materials to build a carport. While those funds are being secured, pastors of the Hwedza and surrounding congregations now have a car.

Hwedza United Methodist Church lay leader Patricia Chinopfumbuka best captured the sentiment of her congregation, “Now that we have a vehicle the evangelist can visit locals more frequently. We can also accompany her. She can attend meetings on time and arrive back home safely.”

Source: United Methodist News