New Bookstore Features Unending Staircase

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge Bookstore Source: The Smithsonian Magazine

New Chinese bookstore in Sichuan province creates an illusion using mirrors to create a ‘never-ending’ palace of books.

Home to more than 80,000 volumes across 20,000 genres, the two story Dujiangyan Zhongshuge has a main staircase that makes all the books easily accessible to customers. Because of the building’s unique mirror ceilings visually the bookstore appears vastly larger than its actual size.

The 1,000 square meter store was designed by Li Xiang, founder of Chinese architecture firm X+Living.

Inspired by the architecture of the Han dynasty, Li said, “Using the technique of architecture, the designer moves the magnificent spirit of mountains and rivers into the indoor space. We present readers with their own elegant and powerful artistic landscape… a visual feast.”

Noting the success of her design from customer remarks, Li said, “Many people associate the space with a magical world, with the magic feeling coming from the structure of the bookshelves, and the reflection of the mirrored ceiling.”

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge bookstore hopes the new innovative design will make it a hit across the province and help encourage a passion for literacy.

Source: The Smithsonian Magazine