New Books Inspires Women in Zimbabwe

Source: United Methodist News

Greater Taremeredzwa Nhiwatiwa was denied a higher education because she was a girl. Forced to spend her teen years scaring baboons out of her family’s maize field in rural Maswera Village in Zimbabwe, she found herself caught in the midst of a guerilla war which forced her to flee to Botswana.

Even with the odds stacked against her, Greater went on to become a nurse and married Eben Nhiwatiwa, who was elected a United Methodist bishop in 2002. Currently, he is assigned to the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area and leads the United Methodist women’s organization in Zimbabwe.

Greater’s most recent accomplishment is writing a book titled, “Reflections on My Life and Faith Journey as an African Bishop’s Spouse.”

“It is a common experience in the African context,” she wrote, “that … people of my generation faced numerous challenges in their educational pursuit. Prominent among those challenges is that, more often than not, parents could not afford to educate their children because of a lack of resources. I am one of those who faced such obstacles.”

“Faced with a bleak future,” Greater Nhiwatiwa continued, “I prayed to my God, and he answered me. Today I am who I am because of answered prayers.”

She wrote the book to chronicle her difficult journey. “It is a story of faith,” she said. “I am convinced that God intervened and answered my prayers. As the Bible teaches, with God, nothing is impossible.” Nhiwatiwa expressed hope that her book would encourage women of all ages to pursue their goals, despite challenges.

Bishop Nhiwatiwa said he has been inspired by her dedication to the project and thanked his wife for writing the book, which “will always be a life nugget for me. I will always cherish the words, lessons and meaning embedded in it. Thank you for giving all of us a shared moment of thanksgiving.”

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Source: United Methodist News