Neighbors Purchase Home for Man Who Lost Job

In what seemed like a never-ending downward spiral of bad medical news, Alvero Wiggins’ neighbors stepped in to help him when he and his family needed it most.

Late last year, Wiggins, a local community organizer and activist was diagnosed with kidney failure. As a result Wiggins had to give up his job and move into public housing with his family.

One of Wiggins’ co-workers, Sarah MacLaren, organized a GoFundMe campaign over the spring to raise money to defray the Wiggins’ family’s living expenses. However despite donations coming in by the thousands, it wasn’t nearly enough to afford a home in Halifax, Nova Scotia’s booming housing market.

While MacLaren continued to raise money, local real estate agent Brenda MacKenzie, the head of a local housing initiative, became involved in seeking to find housing for Wiggins. The director of A Home For Everyone, MacKenzie’s organization provides realtors with a means to donate a portion of their commissions to support various housing-related charities.

MacKenzie, a dialysis patient herself, was struck by Wiggins’ story. Stirred to action, MacKenzie proposed to her charitable board that this year’s earnings go toward helping Wiggins and his family.

The board agreed.

But despite this boost in capital, house hunting in Halifax remained extremely difficult until fate intervened.

One of MacKenzie’s Halifax listings that had received multiple offers fell through making the home suddenly available to Wiggins family. The four-bedroom townhouse was just what Wiggins, his wife and three kids needed.

“This specific house was a miracle house, it was a unicorn house,” MacLaren told CBC News. “It’s probably the most beautiful thing I’ve been a part of in my lifetime.”

The Wiggins family plans to move into their new home at the end of the month.

Wiggins told CBC, “It will mean everything, it will be a sense of security to live here, to have a home, to have a place to call home. My kids love it here. It will be so joyful for them…I don’t even know how to find the words to thank everybody who has supported this dream.”

Source: Canada Broadcasting Company