National Acts of Kindness Week

Don’t forget to be a Good Samaritan this week.

Today is the last day of the National Acts of Kindness FoundationNational Acts of Kindness Week encouraging individuals and communities to be kind.

“We have been celebrating kindness every day of the year (for more than 20 years!) in every corner of the globe,” said a foundation spokesperson.

The San Francisco based foundation founded in the 1990s is challenging individuals to stop reporting on “random acts of violence” and start “practicing random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”

The organization’s website explained, “It’s impossible to count the number of people who have participated in making kindness the norm, but some of the ones we’ve noted over the years who always make us smile, include: Sesame Street, the National Football League…Bishop Desmond Tutu, Walt Disney World, Aldi, Smokey the Bear, Doctor Who, and Lady Gaga, along with so many others.”

Through the organization website, individuals can get ideas about how to share kindness and participate in local kindness events in their community.To learn more about the National Kindness Foundation, please visit