Mother Survives COVID, Heart Attack & Strokes

After 139 days in the hospital, Diana Crouch is home with her baby Cameron, who she delivered while experiencing COVID-19 complications, including 3 strokes and a heart attack. Source: Today

Diana Crouch was 18 weeks pregnant when she tested positive for COVID-19.

As her situation deteriorated Diana found herself in ICU at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women needing to be intubated until she could sustain her oxygen levels. Placed on a heart-lung bypass machine that gives the lungs a break, Crouch would go on to experience three strokes and a heart attack.

“On a daily basis we were having to review whether it made sense to continue keeping the baby inside of her or did we need to deliver the baby. That discussion got particularly challenging when she had those strokes and the heart attacks and was on medications for seizures and in a coma for several days,” Dr. Cameron Dezfulian, medical director of the adult congenital heart inpatient care at Texas Children’s Hospital, told TODAY. “At that point it was a really tough discussion.”

Despite the severity of Crouch’s condition, her pregnancy remained fairly stable resulting in her giving birth to a beautiful baby boy at 31 weeks

Dr. Dezfulian said, ““It’s pretty miraculous.”

Two days before Christmas, Crouch was finally discharged.

On her return home she said, “Coming home was very emotional for me. I actually felt a little bit down for a couple of days. It’s a lot for me to take in. I hadn’t seen my kids for so long.”

As she regained her strength, her mood began to improve. Grateful for the care she received she had one simple message to her friends, “Get vaccinated.”

“There’s good data that vaccines are safe and they’ve very effective in terms of preventing severe illness,” Dezfulian said. “If pregnant women are vaccinated their chances of getting so sick that they need ECMO are exceptionally low.”

Since Crouch’s release, she and her family have gotten vaccinated.

She said, “I was so scared of putting something in my body that would affect my baby. But I ended up getting so much more and I exposed my child to so many things that I would have never thought. I learned the hard way. I don’t like to push anybody into stuff. I don’t like to but I encourage everyone to get vaccinated.”

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Source: Today