More than One Million UK Citizens Stop Smoking

The UK based campaign “Action on Smoking and Health” conducted a recent survey finding that 41% of people in the UK stopped smoking because of the pandemic. 

Some health experts believe it may be either primarily or partially related to the lack of access to tobacco products during lockdowns, implementation of social distancing guidelines preventing social cigarette usage, and/or the correlations between smoking and respiratory related virus symptoms. 

These new findings were further substantiated by a University College London survey finding smoking rates are lower in the UK in 2020 than they were when last measured in 2007.  In 2019, roughly 7 million people were smoking in the UK. Since 2005, regions with the greatest declines have been clustered in the Northeastern part of the country with cities such as Newcastle and Sunderland seeing some of the largest reductions in smoking rates nationwide.

Source: Good News Network