Mom Shares How Shifting Her Parenting Strategy Helped Kids Learn Character

Like most parents, Dani LaBriola wants her 11-year-old twins to be successful, caring, critical thinkers. However, LaBriola felt she was missing the mark as a parent leading her to reconsider how she was parenting.

LaBriola decided to make a strategic pivot.

The pivot, she explained, requires parents to shift their attention from how they can make their kids happy and successful to an outward focus on how their kids interact and serve others. This internal shift within parents’ thinking allows them to teach more about character, which allows them to help cultivate habits within their kids that shines through.

Further, research suggests that the cultivation of traits such as kindness benefits not just the recipient, but also the giver. While working simultaneously to improve health outcomes, increase confidence, decrease anxiety, and increase popularity among peers.

Three specific ways LaBriola teaches her kids kindness is by encouraging them to let their friends go ahead of them in line, rolling the neighbor’s trash cans when they accidentally leave them out, and taking 3 minutes to call grandparents.

After teaching her children about positive character traits, LaBriola said she helps her kids establish daily practices that allow them to put those positive character building traits into action, making those traits a regular habit..  As the trait becomes more habitual, they will embody the positive attributes as a normal part of who they are – a parent’s dream.

Writing about her new way of parenting in a series of children’s storybooks, LaBriola says her system works best with children ages 4-10. Her books include stuffed animals, like a turkey, eagle, ladybug, and duck to help teach parents her system of character development.

Each story introduces a particular character trait, such as gratitude, and then provides practical child friendly explanations that help reinforce the importance of the trait with visual reinforcements.

Two of her books have even won first and second place at the CIPA EVVY book competition. The 2016 California Teacher of the Year said, “These books will change the world.”

LaBriola said, “The coolest part about this all is that many of the traits we cover are contagious. If one kid starts to do it, the rest of the kids will follow.”To learn more about LaBriola’s book series and charactering building system, please visit

Source: Good News Network