Missions is ‘What we do’

Central Valley Baptist Church Source: Baptist Press

While for some mission is a choice, at Central Valley Baptist Church, in Idaho, it is core to who they are. A mission oriented congregation, Pastor Clint Henry described his congregation with missions as simply “what we do.”

Through the congregation’s Cooperative Program, Central Valley Baptist has overseen 32 trips abroad in the last five years, and provides ongoing support to 9 ministries both local and abroad.

“The Cooperative Program is a lifeline. We talk about that around here all the time,” said Pastor Clint Henry, in an interview with Baptist Press. “The Cooperative Program is a unique way to unite churches of any size in an incredible missions plan where even the smallest church can take as much credit as the biggest church.”

In addition to its global mission work, hands-on and through the Cooperative Program, Central Valley Baptist is an active partner in its local association and two-state convention. Pastor Henry has served on executive boards for Treasure Valley Southern Baptist Association, the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention, the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board.

“Central Valley is our largest SBC church,” Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention Executive Director Rob Lee said to the Baptist Press. “They are our leading church in mission engagement locally and internationally. The church staff have a passion for the nations coming to Christ, and church membership follow their example.”

Pastor Henry said while it’s important to be able to do good work all around the world, it’s important to continue to give God the praise.

“While we may be a great giving and going to church, the only thing we really have to brag on is Jesus Christ. We want Him to get all the credit for what we do,” Henry said.

Grounding its mission work in prayer, Central Valley began its “Prayer for America,” Campaign last July, amid the peak of the global coronavirus pandemic. 

Emphasizing 10 core prayers, Pastor Henry explained he’s optimistic about the possibility of America experiencing a spiritual awakening that will make our communities stronger. The core prayers included:

1. Pray for America to experience a spiritual awakening that will result in millions of people coming to faith in Christ.

2. Pray for the church in America to wake up and be revived.

3. Pray for the security and dignity of every human life.

4. Pray for government leaders to recognize their accountability to God for their decisions.

5. Pray for the protection of religious liberty without which we cannot preach the gospel.

6. Pray for integrity in the media not only among journalists but in the information they present on a daily basis.

7. Pray for education in America and a commitment to the principles on which this nation was founded.

8. Pray for the family and what we understand to be a family.

9. Pray for more Christians to run for public office and then get out and support them.

10. And finally pray for yourself to love God and country… and to always know which one to love first and foremost!

As Central Valley Baptist concludes its campaign, the congregants emphasized the “campaign” might be over but we should never stop praying.

Source: Baptist Press