Missions in the “Kingdom of Wonder”

Source: Living Lutheran

Cambodia is known as the “Kingdom of Wonder.” Part of this name comes from its many connections: it’s exhilarating and devastating, beautiful and challenging, poor and thriving. Despite thousands of tourists flock to bustling cultural sites like the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, Christian has become a major subcurrent in the life of the country.

Founded in 2011, the Lutheran Church in Cambodia (LCC) has experienced remarkable growth over the past decade. Created in partnership by local missionaries and the  Lutheran Church in Singapore, LCC became fully national in 2017.

Noticeably, these congregations are different: the membership is significantly younger. As a country, approximately 30% of Cambodia’s residents are under the age of 15, and the national median age is 25.

Comprising four congregations and church plants in rural areas, the church according local leader Touchkeov Sreyliak has a bright future.

“We believe and declare that this small wave of development can bring change,” she said. 

Referencing a Southeast Asian proverb she said, “Even with the small seed of faith that has been planted by God, this will have fruitful results and be multiplied in the LCC and society.”

Viewing engagement with children and youth as core to their future, the church has sought to develop robust youth ministries through it’s after-school and supplement school instruction programs. 

“We really focus on how they can grow with accountability, respect for others, love for neighbors and love of God,” Sreyliak said.

In addition to after-school programs, the church offers hostels for university students and young adults which provides opportunities for the congregation to share the gospel.

“Normally, young people don’t have chances to express their talents and abilities, so often they do not even know their own gifts,” Sreyliak said. “At LCC we are grateful that we have a place for young people to express and share their opinions, beliefs and goals in life.”

Through these efforts, LCC has blossomed and is optimistic about the prospect of planting 6 new congregations in the next year.

Sreyliak said, “I am excited about what LCC is doing, as it helps people through their struggles and obstacles they experience.” she said. “Through the LCC, adolescents are able to get a quality education when they can’t support themselves toward higher education.”

Source: Living Lutheran