Missionary Partners Prove Vital In Global Evangelism

Global Missionary Partner in Togo. Source: Baptist Press

To help mobilize congregations and communities to reach the estimated 154,937 people who die daily without Christ (according to the Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board) evangelism partnerships are essential.

Motivated by the Great Commission, the International Mission Board set a series of target goals for 2025 which include the goal to “mobilize 500 global missionary partners on IMB teams.”

IMB defines a global missionary partner (GMP) as a national church partner based overseas who is fully funded through a church participating in a network of churches or local Baptist convention working with an existing IMB team.

According to IMB President Paul Chitwood, “There are 140 Baptist conventions and unions around the world that our researchers have been able to locate. They are the fruit that remains from 175 years of work. We want to work with those partners and help them send their own missionaries.

“By strategically inviting and involving 500 global missionaries to work alongside IMB teams, we believe we can help push forward not only the task, but the globalization of the task. This is critical for us moving forward.”

The benefits of working with GMPs are vast. Oftentimes, they are able to obtain to places individuals with an international passport cannot and are capable of understanding local linguistic idioms that may be barriers to non-native speakers.

Amanda Dimperio, director of globalization for IMB said, “We don’t know everything there is to know about how to plant churches in some of these places. So partnering with them will teach us how to be better multicultural team players.”

According to MissionNexus’s 2018 report, in 1977, most of the world’s missionaries came from North America with Europe a close second. However, by 2017 majority of the world’s missionaries are coming from outside of Europe and North America underscoring the importance of cultivating GMPs.

By giving GMPs access to the IMB’s infrastructure of support, GMP partnerships are mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

“We can lend our robust support infrastructure to partner organizations until they develop the resources to provide these services for their workers,” Dimperio said. “Training partner support personnel is part of the strategy to expand their capacity to send and support missionaries.”

If you and/or your congregation is interested in learning more about IMB and support a GMP please visit Sending Global Missionary Partners giving project.

Source: Baptist Press