#MiracleBirth: A Modern Telling of the Christmas Story

One day during a trip to the mailbox Joseph got a letter from the IRS informing him that he needed to head to his local department of motor vehicles to verify his address.

Despite working in Nazareth for the past few years, Joseph (called Joe for short) would need to return to hometown DMV in Bethlehem in order to complete the requested information from the IRS and verify his address.

Due to people preparing for New Year’s festivities, Joe found himself unable to book a flight for him and his very pregnant fiancé Mary on Jet Blue Airlines. While traveling, the couple looked on Ebay for items to purchase for their baby boy’s room they were decorating. After all he was due any day now.

However in the rush to get home to meet the tax deadline, Joe forgot to complete the booking information.  When he and his fiancé Mary arrived, Joe was so embarrassed because he forgot to book the hotel.  Mary comforted him by saying, “Joe, I still love you. Let’s go to Walmart to grab a few items for the baby and we’ll figure things out while shopping.”

While at Walmart, Mary’s water broke. After the long trip, Joe’s iPhone was dead so he was unable to call paramedics. Mary ended up giving birth to their new son in aisle 12.

After the baby was born, a shopper who happened to work with the CBS affiliate news station saw the commotion and asked if she could report this “Miracle Birth.” 

During the broadcast, the WalMart employees organized a flash mob to celebrate, and sang “Glory to God in the highest,” and live tweeted, and posted Instagram stories of this scene online about the #MiracleBirth

The story went viral.

Kind words and gifts began pouring in from across the country.  Walmart’s CEO, CFO, and regional general manager (3 of the wisest men in the whole company) surprised Joe and Mary with extremely valuable gifts.  The CEO later said in an article about the event, “We’ve travelled a long way to see the baby and wanted to behold his miraculous birth for ourselves.”

Mary accepted all of the gifts graciously, but after the spotlight had gone away, she took time to ponder all of these things in her heart.


Source: Boulder Friends Meeting