Mexico City Bans Single Use Plastics

After more than a year of organizing, Mexico City banned single-use containers, cutlery, straws, cups, stirrers and other disposable items.

Mexico City’s environmental secretary said on Twitter the capital city will now be a place “without single-use plastics.” Further, he urged residents to increase their usage of reusable containers and to never leave home without them—just like would never leave home without their cell phones.

The goal of the ban is to decrease the 13,000 tons of garbage a day produced in the city with a population of around 9 million.

Mexico City joins several other populous urban areas who have recently adopted similar bans in the past year – especially in countries like China.  As more nations move to producing biodegradable alternatives to single use plastic, environmentalists are optimistic about this helping protect the earth’s most fragile ecosystems.

Mexico, as the world’s third largest economy, is also home to a diverse array of plant fona and endangered species. By banning single use plastics, the Mexican government hopes to spread awareness about the country’s rich biodiversity and cultivate a culture of ecological stewardship to protect tourism and national landmarks.

Source: Good News Network