Men’s Ministry Unites to Restore Church Walls

After 20 years of congregational growth, Lake View Baptist Church in Madisonville, Texas with the help of Texas Baptist Men Builders (TBM Builder) was able to build new walls for the congregation’s expanded sanctuary.

According to TBM Builders Coordinator Wayne Pritchard, “When we showed up on Friday, there was this big metal building with all this material stacked in it, and by Monday morning at noon, we had about 100 running feet of the exterior walls already framed that stood up and ready to go.”

Previously, the Lake View’s sanctuary seated a maximum of 150 people in its worship center. The new expanded sanctuary will accommodate an additional 200 worshipers and include spaces for classrooms, a kitchen, and recreation areas.

Adopting a pay-as-you-go strategy for the new construction, Pastor Charleton Greene said the congregation’s approach to build gradually is intended to keep the church’s financial burdens to a minimum. Emphasizing the importance of the new worship center as a community outreach center, Pastor Greene said, “It was a big deal for us, making the sanctuary big enough where we can accommodate other people when there’s a need…We want to be the church where we can meet the needs of the people, so it’s a big thing for our community.

“It’s a big thing to our church not just for us, but we’re excited because it’s going to be able to help meet the needs of other people, as far as feeding, as far as blessing them financially and as far as allowing them to use our edifice when there’s a need.”

Supplying the TBM Builders’ volunteer crew with supplies, the volunteers got to work and completed the project.

Additionally, the TBM Builders’ agreed to donate half the sheetrock required to finish out the structure when the church is ready to encounter the next phase of construction.

Pastor Greene described his experience of working with TBM as an enjoyable experience especially for a congregation on a budget. “It was a great experience, and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the process of trying to build a new sanctuary,” Greene said.

“Six days, and they’re done,” Greene continued. “They did a great job, and we’re just thankful to God that men like Texas Baptist Men are helping churches. And not only do they help, but you know, they do a great job.”

Source: Baptist Standard