Megachurch Helps Dig Boreholes in Malawi

In Malawi, the United Methodist Church is working to provide sustainable access to clean drinking water and water for farming.

Partnering with Kansas City, Missouri based the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, the United Methodist Church has been able to dig more than 80 boreholes (wells) in Malawi in the past 6 months.

Church of the Resurrection’s Pastor, Adam Hamilton, said, “Every one of those boreholes provides clean drinking water to an entire village of children and adults for decades.”

Since 2010, members of the Church of the Resurrection have been actively engaged in missions in Malawi providing both financial assistance and mission trips for members.

“We became involved when the bishop overseeing the Malawi Mission Initiative at the time invited us to join them on their journey into one day becoming a conference,” recalled Sheree Reece, Global Impact program director at Church of the Resurrection. 

Commenting on the partnership between the 15,000 member U.S. based congregation, Rev. Daniel Mhone, UMC superintendent for Malawi, said, “water is a right and a blessing,” as well as “a scarce commodity.”

Partnering with Blue Water Drilling, the Malawian government, nongovernmental organizations and community leaders, the United Methodists Church is working to provide villages with much needed clean water.

Initially, Church of the Resurrection planned on only drilling 10 boreholes a year. However, after seeing the need, the congregation committed to not only drilling more boreholes but also agreed to pay the maintenance on them for subsequent years.

Additionally, the congregation committed to drill boreholes wherever they were needed, regardless of communities culture, beliefs or religious affiliations.

One recipient of a borehole in her community, Grace Maluwa, said, “We will no longer travel longer distances to search for water, let alone leave our homes as early as 3 a.m. to go and fetch water.”

Currently Church of the Resurrection and the Malawi United Methodist Church are exploring other future partnerships.

Reece noted, “While we believe in holistic the local church and local community leaders set the vision. They determine their goals, and after looking at their strengths and assets as well as any gaps, will discuss ways we might be able to partner with them in the amazing ministry they are doing.”

Together, Church of the Resurrection hopes to inspire other congregations to take an active interest in missions partnerships to provide sustainable safe drinking water for communities around the globe.

Source: UM News