McDonald’s Responds to Hurricane Laura

In response to Hurricane Laura – the most powerful hurricane to hit Louisanna since 1856, one  McDonald’s franchise owner created the McDonald’s version of meals on wheels.

To help the residents of Lake Charles, Louisanna, Rikesh Patel, the owner of 25 McDonald’s locations in Louisiana, decided to act. He told CNN, “Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s so much worse than what you’re seeing on social media.”

After a conversation with the corporate office of McDonald’s, McDonald’s decided to send the McRig.  The McRig is a self-sustaining portable kitchen. Patel’s staff kept the McRig stocked and operational for six days, serving over 10,000 free meals composed of cheeseburgers, fries, and bottled water.

Patel tweeted on the fourth day of McRig service, “(McDonald’s founder) Ray Kroc believed we must give back to [the] communities that we do business in. Thank you to our amazing crew and managers for making this belief come alive.”

Source: Good News Network