Man Uses Dad’s Lucky Coin to Scratch Lottery Ticket And Wins $4 Million for the 2nd Time

Meet the luckiest man and now one of the richest men in Michigan – Mark Clark.  Clark, a resident of South Rockwood, Michigan, won his second $4 million dollars on a scratch off when he used a lucky coin his father gave him prior to his passing last year.

Clark said, “I scratched the ticket off in the store…and I can’t help but think maybe that lucky coin helped me win this.” Clark initially won $4 million in December 2017, when he played the Michigan Lottery’s Millionaire’s Club instant game.

Remarking on his second big win, “You don’t think you’ll win millions once—and you definitely never think it would happen twice.”  Clark chose to accept his winnings as a lump sum of 2.5 million instead of annuity payments for the full amount.  In an interview Clark stated, “I’ve had a lot of ups and a lot of downs in my life, but everything is pretty amazing right now.”

Source: Good News Network