Man spends half his income to spread the Gospel

South Carolina residents seeking a sign from God don’t have to look far.

A trip down state interstates yields dozens of billboards boasting messages designed to save souls.


“Forgive my sins Jesus save my soul.”


Phrases like “Who is Jesus?” and “Repent” posted along main thoroughfares are designed to inspire as many people as possible to reflect on their spiritual states and ask the Lord for salvation.

The practice, known as billboard evangelism, dates to around the 1970s and seems to be rising in popularity nationally. Some large religious groups that dish out thousands of dollars annually to spread the Gospel have recently reported increased funds dedicated to placing Christian messages on large signs along highways.

A religious billboard is pictured on June 4, 2019, along Interstate 26. (Image: Sylvia Jarrus)

But while many of South Carolina’s Christian-themed signs are sponsored by large charitable groups, many are sponsored by private residents who take seriously Christ’s instructions to share the good news — some spending half of their annual earnings to reach the masses.

One of them is Daniel Brothers, a Santee resident who runs a log cabin staining business. Brothers, who makes $50,000 to $70,000 annually from his business, spent half of that on billboards last year.

He has 18 posters on signs across the state that offer a simple, suggestive prayer printed in big, bold red letters over a yellow backdrop:

“Forgive my sins Jesus save my soul.”

“There are people going to hell,” he said. “Every Christian has a responsibility to do something about the lost souls.”

Source: Post & Courier