Man gets life-saving transplant thanks to donor from church

Kerry Warren lost both of his kidneys to cancer. He spent several hours a week in dialysis. He took his life-saving need to church.

“He got up one Sunday and just wanted to inform the people about being a donor,” explained Kerry’s wife Takila to WVTM.


“I can’t get the credit for what God is doing.”


After the service, a woman named Barbara wanted to know more.

“Hey I wanted to get that information and (Kerry) was like, oh, you do?” Takila recalled.

In this case, a perfect stranger turned out to be a perfect match.

Warren’s wife called that a blessing, “it’s like wow, you know what I mean? A person’s willing to give you a part of them, that don’t even know you, but they want to save your life.”

Today on May 30th the two traded church for hospital beds and two lives were changed forever.

The surgery lasted several hours and Mr. Warren will be in the hospital for a few days. His family is calling Barbara more than just a donor.

According to Takila, “he doesn’t even call her Barbara, people will be like, who is going to give you a kidney? And he says, my guardian angel.”

The Warren’s asked Barbara the other night, “how does it feel to be saving someone’s life? She was like it’s really not me. I’m just excited, but I can’t get the credit for what God is doing.”

Source: WVTM