Making Every Day Spaces Sacred

Source: Baptist Press

A new Texas church plant is working to change every day spaces into sacred places with their new innovative ministry approach.

Epic Life Church of New Braunfels, Texas uses popular communal spaces like the local town batting cage as the site for its worship services. Since its inception, the congregation averages about 400 people have been attending each week. Since the church’s launch in 2019, more than 160 people have been baptized.

“We’ve seen so many stories of God doing a work that only He can do,” Lead Pastor Brent Isbill said. “We’ve seen people step out of addiction. We’ve seen marriages restored. We’ve seen dads become spiritual leaders in their homes.”

Epic Life has a three word discipleship approach: experience, express  and expand.

Pastor Isbill said, “We believe a follower of Jesus experiences on a daily basis the presence of Christ through His Word, through creation, through prayer and as they experience His presence, it’s only natural that they would want to express their love to the Lord and the world around them.”

Additionally, the church uses its name “Epic” as an acrostic to help individuals adopt an EPIC mindset that is: Expectant faith, People matter, Irresistible community and Creating margin.

“Whether you’re a little kid or a senior adult, everyday we want you to wake up with an expectancy in your soul that the God of the universe wants to meet with you,” Isbill said.

Because people matter, the way Christ followers treat those they encounter on campus, in business or in their neighborhoods is consequential, Isbill said. “It matters to God, and the way we know it matters is to look at the cross.”

Using Acts 2:42 as a model, Epic Life seeks to develop strong communal bonds by “out-loving the secular world.”

“Others may not believe what we believe at first, but we want them to see the love for each other that we have,” Isbill said.

Starting with just 56 people at its first gathering, the church has more than doubled in size. Last year, it baptized 59 people.

Building on its success as a church plant Epic Life is helping other church plants find their niche and is providing funding.

“The reason we need to plant other churches is because that church is going to reach people that no one would have the capacity to reach with the gifts and talents in the body of Christ that He puts there,” Isbill said.

As Epic Life continues to reach out to the Isbill feels blessed.

“It’s been the most fun and exciting thing me and my wife have ever done in ministry, and we love our people. I couldn’t be prouder of how God is using them to reach people in our city with the Gospel,” he said.

Source: Baptist Press