Love Is the Best Evangelism Strategy

First Baptist Church of Fairdale, Kentucky Source: Baptist Press

First Baptist Church of Fairdale, Kentucky isn’t waiting for the community to come to them. Instead, they are going to the community.

“We serve the local schools, we feed the teams, we volunteer in the concession stands,” said Pastor Josh Greene. “We have a kitchen team that comes and cooks and a different team that works the food pantry where we give out groceries.”

The principle behind the congregation’s approach to outreach is simple – show the community Christ through acts of love and kindness.

Greene added, “If God revives this church, it will revive the community. That’s happening. Lone gone are the days where you just see growth and salvations by just people showing up and inviting people.”

In addition to his responsibilities at First Baptist, Greene serves as the chaplain for the local community high school football, basketball and soccer. Prior to every football game, the congregation feeds the 70-member football team and encourages them to give their best both on and off the field.

“We have never done a mailout or something that tries to get people to come to church,” Greene said. “We just love and serve the community. We just do that, expecting nothing in return, because that’s how Christ was. The result is our church is getting so healthy, vibrant and alive.”

Greene’s relationship with First Baptist dates back to 2003 when he started the church as the youth pastor before being called as the congregation’s senior pastor in 2009. During Greene’s tenure, the congregation has seen significant growth. At the time of his call, Greene, just 29-years-old, was the youngest senior pastor in the congregation’s history.

“Our church is like a full revitalization,” he said. “We were so small and so dying 20 years ago. There was not a whole lot to work with. We didn’t have a kids ministry. Zero kids, zero babies. Two teenage girls in sixth grade were our youth ministry.”

A church that works together, stays together, he said.  “If a church is healthy it will raise up leaders.”

Source: Baptist Press