London Single Father of Two Given a Vacation for Family at Seaside Cottage

As has been the case for families all around the globe, the past few months have been stressful for the Smiths, to see the least.

Sam Smith is a single father to 6-year-old Lysander and 3-year-old Zenduel. The pandemic lockdowns in England have left his family confined to their one-bed apartment on the 15th floor of a high-rise in East London since early in the year. 

With parks closed, Sam and his children spent many days in a space that is roughly just 12 steps from one side of the main room to the other.

However, the Smith’s family fortune shifted after an appearance on the BBC Breakfast Show where they discussed their experience about being confined to such confined quarters.

Ken and Sheila Sims heard the Smith’s BBC interview at their Devon coast residence.

Ken connected with Sam because he too had grown up in a high-rise apartment building.  Saddened to see others going through a similar experience he went through; he knew he had to act.

Ken asked if the Smith’s would like to spend a week at his cottage by the English seaside. 

Of course, the Smith’s said, yes. 

After the vacation concluded, the Smith’s felt prepared to return to London with a more optimistic outlook.

Source: Good News Network