Local Pub Saved After Social Media Post

Employee outside Swan Dive in Toronto, Canada Source: Good News Network

COVID lockdowns and safety measures have been extremely difficult for many businesses and restaurants to navigate.  One of the restaurants struggling to find that appropriate balance has been the Swan Dive, a popular Toronto restaurant and pub.

When the restaurant posted it was struggling to pay its rent during the pandemic its patrons helped out in a major way – the customers bought its entire stock.

Abra Shiner, owner of the Swan Dive had transferred the pub into a bottle shop in an attempt to stay open and be in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols.  However, the costs of operating experiences had brought the restaurant to its breaking point. Deciding to be honest about her predicament her social media plea was hail mary.

Shiner told CNN, “We were blowing through our savings and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pay rent towards the end of the month. So, I wrote on Facebook asking people to come buy the beer we had in our stock room…and it worked. The post went viral.”

Shiner’s post received more than 20,000 views. “People just started coming out of the woodwork, some people we hadn’t seen in years,” Shiner said.

Within less than a week, the Swan Dive had sold out its entire stock of craft beer. Thanks to the additional revenue and a government rent subsidy, the pub has enough to keep afloat through the spring, when it hopes to be able to successfully open its doors again.

On Facebook, Shiner posted, “You guys are pretty darn great…What wonderful people you all are.”

Source: Good News Network