Laundry Ministry Helps Volunteers Provide Disaster Relief

Cleaning bathrooms and washing muddy clothes isn’t perhaps the most glamorous form of mission, however, for the Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) of North Carolina they know the importance of their work.

Working tirelessly at the Rebuild Center, a ministry site of the North Carolina Baptists on Mission, a group of women support volunteer teams from across the state and country who are working to help area residents rebuild from two devastating hurricanes that hit the region.

They do laundry; put fresh mattress covers on rows of bunk beds; clean sinks, showers, and commodes; sweep and mop floors; and sort and deliver donated food items.

Deborah Taylor, president of WMU of North Carolina said, “As the volunteers would come, we wanted it to be a clean, inviting, comfortable place for them.”

Taylor’s husband Alan serves as a mission strategist for Robeson Baptist Association in Lumberton and works to coordinate the disaster relief teams arriving in the area through the Rebuild Center.

Taylor said, “I felt like that was the little bit that we could do.”

Over the past 5 years, that “little bit” has become a well-organized ministry that encompasses WMU groups from across the state taking responsibility for laundry and cleaning duties on different days of the month.

Rebuild teams put their dirty clothes in bags that the WMU volunteers collect, wash, dry, and fold. Additionally, they attach special thank you notes, prayers, and Bible verses to the bags.

“We knew that they were gone all day working,” Taylor pointed out. “It’s a joy to see when they come back in and pick up their clean laundry and read those Bible verses.”

The Women’s Missionary Union might not be glamorous but it is essential and they are committed to doing their part to help distressed communities.

Source: Baptist Press