Joining Hands Celebrates Combating Food Insecurity

Source: Presbyterian Mission

Throughout the course of the pandemic, awareness around issues pertaining to food insecurity rose in prominence in the public sphere. Not a new issue to organizers in humanitarian circles, the increased demand resulted in a need to form new partnerships to address growing demands.

One such organization that helped meet the need was Joining Hands, an international ministry of the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP). As a ministry, they seek to challenge the systems that perpetuate hunger, poverty and injustice around the globe by working with partners in developing countries like Peru, Haiti, India and Cameroon to overcome the vestiges of colonization while addressing issues, such as climate change.

Associate for International Hunger Concerns for PHP, Valéry Nodem, who coordinates Joining Hands for PHP, said, “The really good thing about the work of Joining Hands is … working through alliances” and realizing that in order to make the world a better place, “we need other people.”

During a recent broadcast of “Join the Movement,” a digital series highlighting Compassion, Peace & Justice sponsored by the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A, Nodem spoke about the work of the organization and reflected on some of their recent victories.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, she noted that through their advocacy with other partners mining revenues are now being shared with communities helping raise literacy levels and address food insecurity. Additionally, in Peru they have partnered to create eco-friendly jobs in La Oroya that combat environmental contamination.

Joined during her interview by one of Joining Hands partners in Peru, Rev. Ellie Stock from the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy, Stock said, “we were able to work with the artisans, not only just making their products but also creating a livelihood for themselves that helped them economically and spiritually and socially and every other way.”This year joining hands will celebrate 20 years of ministry to communities around the globe working as a mission’s partner. To learn more about joining hands and how you can get involved please visit

Source: Presbyterian Mission