Iowa Couple Sends Books to Prison Inmates

Christianity is all showing kindness as a witness of Christ’s love. 

To help model their beliefs in the community, Diane and Robert E. Findlay have been collecting and donating books to the Dallas County Jail. The couple got the idea from their faith-based book club they joined during the pandemic and thinking it would be  good in their community, they invited their friends to help.

Diane said, “These are people who at various levels and for various reasons have made mistakes and they have a lot of time on their hands…If we can help them use that time constructively that’s a good thing.”

Wanting to do more than just hold a book drive, the Findlay’s coordinated with corrections officials to have surveys distributed to inmates, to ask them what types of books they would be interested in reading.

“People were interested in every genre we presented, and there was like 21 of them from poetry to westerns and self-help and language … So we are working at trying to get all of those genres,” Robert said.

Using the survey data gleaned, the couple donated three carts of books to the prison library that are swapped out every few weeks. Books were collected from a combination of local libraries, bookstores, community members, and members of their pandemic book clubs.

“The inmates have something to look forward to, they have something to do,” Adam Infante, chief deputy at the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, said. “Idle minds cause problems sometimes and they’re busy with that, which makes everybody a little less tense.”

If you are interested in donating books to support the Findlay’s, you can contact them at

Source: Sunny Sky News