Inscape Center Launches New Mission Program

The Inscape Center, a Catholic nonprofit organization that helps young adults discover their personal vocation, just announced the launch of its “Missions Experience” program in Steubenville, OH.

Young adults ages 18-23 can serve for a four-month, seven-month, or 12-month period. They will begin that time with a formation program, including an assessment of their unique gifts, one-on-one coaching, and missionary training. 

Brooke Miller and Luke Burgis founded the organization with the purpose of “devoting to the vision of each person knowing, embracing, and living to the full, their unique personal vocation.”

“One hurdle is the way we talk about vocation,” Miller said. “It undermines the glory and truth of our baptism and prevents people from thinking about their vocation as a present daily reality.”

Rather than solely focusing on vocations to marriage, the priesthood or religious life, Miller emphasized the importance of discovering personal vocation. When we understand our God-given gifts, we can learn exactly where we can use those gifts, and how to better live out a daily, personal vocation within our lifelong vocation, she explained.

Miller said that many organizations pose the questions, “Are you called?” or “Do you have a vocation?” But rather than ask a question, Miller said we should be saying, “You are called!”

“It’s not a question. We were created and then called when we were baptized,” Miller said. 

Once missionaries finish the formation program, they will serve with one or two after-school programs with Sycamore Youth Center. The center offers 40 programs, including Bible studies, arts and crafts, cooking classes, and Tae Kwon Do. They also will work with volunteer projects in the area, such as The Harmonium Project and the Steubenville Cultural Trust

Missionaries will live in apartments right next to St. Peter’s Catholic Church, with women on the second floor with their house mother, Anna Frye, and men on the third floor with their house father, Robbie Corner.

Inscape also has a partnership with Franciscan University of Steubenville, and all missionaries will have access to the chapel, library, fitness center, student center and campus events. 

Both Joshua (Brooke’s husband) and Brooke agreed that social media has disrupted our ability to discern in silence and listen to God’s voice — and silence was exactly what helped Braden Johnson discern his decision to become a missionary with Inscape. 

Johnson said it was hard for him to physically let go and become aware of the dissatisfaction and insecurity in his own heart, but after letting Jesus in, he felt true peace for the first time.

“The digital world in which many, many people live pulls us significantly away from self-awareness and prayerful engagement with the Lord,” Joshua said. “There’s not a context of silent listening and an awareness of the Lord’s call.”

“Jesus is beckoning daily by name,” Joshua said. “And that beckoning includes the universal call to holiness. It includes the state of life to which the person may need to discern. But if we’re alive and well and living in the state of grace, we remember the Body of Christ and that we have a mission today.”

Source: National Catholic Register