Indoor Farming Startup Helping to Transform Agribusiness

Appalachia-based startup AppHarvest is set to become a leading alternative farming company. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the startup saves space, recycles water, and produces 30 times more food than conventional farms.

Delivering its first harvest to grocery store chains like Walmart and Kroger last fall, AppHarvest is focused on building the world’s largest indoor farms while revitalizing economically-depressed communities in Kentucky’s coal country.

Currently, AppHarvest produces 45 million pounds of non-GMO, chemical pesticide-free tomatoes annually.  Additionally, their indoor facility uses recycled rainwater and allows them to grow year-round.

Celebrity TV show host and cookbook author, Martha Stewart, in a press release said, “AppHarvest’s high-tech, sustainable approach is the future of food, and this first harvest allows us to provide consumers with chemical pesticide-free, nutrient-rich, flavorful produce that’s making a difference they can feel good about.”

AppHarvest also collaborates with local Kentucky high schools to incorporate agricultural courses into the curriculum to help train future employees.

Jonathan Webb, founder and CEO said, “We are determined to build a climate-resilient infrastructure to offer folks a delicious tomato that is sustainably grown right here in Appalachia with 100% recycled rainwater and zero chemical pesticides, making it better for both them and the environment.”

Having secured over $1 billion in financing, they hope to have 12 farms up and running in the next four years.

Source: Good News Network