Indiana family loses home to tornado; Bible remains unscathed

A family in northern Indiana was spared from the Memorial Day tornado that tore their home off the ground.

The Miami County family was in Florida when the tornado ripped through the area outside Macy.


“The Lord still does wonders.”


Part of the home, which belonged to Nancy Sander’s sister, was blown more than half a mile away by the EF-2 tornado.

“She loved this place and the things, but had they been in the basement, they would have been sucked right out,” Sander told WTHR.

But a few items remained, including the family’s Bible, virtually untouched by the storm.

One user on social media commented: “The Lord still does wonders.”

While there was extensive damage, including several barns being destroyed, there were no reports of anyone being hurt.

In addition to Indiana, the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center showed that suspected tornadoes touched down in several states including Colorado, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois.

Monday marked the record-tying 11th straight day with at least eight tornadoes in the U.S., said Patrick Marsh, a Storm Prediction Center meteorologist. The last such stretch was in 1980.

Source: FOX News