Illinois House of Prayer hopes to be open 24/7

A family in East Peoria is trying to offer a space where the community can gather to pray and worship 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is The Greater Peoria House of Prayer.

Derek Kistner started on this adventure six years ago, to provide a space in Central Illinois where people can pray and worship during the week. He said this is not meant to replace anyone’s church, but simply bring all believers together in prayer.

“If McDonald’s can do it, if Kroger can do it, Planet Fitness, why can’t the church do it? Why can’t there be a place opened all day, all night, where people can come and receive fellowship and ministry. That’s kind of the dream we are heading to, so we’ll see what happens,” said Derek Kistner, Executive Director at Greater Peoria House of Prayer.

The house of prayer is currently open 7 days a week during various hours. Kistner said everyone is welcome to come no matter what your faith background or denomination is.

For exact hours of operation and more information, you can visit: