Ice Fishing Trip Culminates with Deer Rescue

When fishermen Bransen Jackson and his friend decided to go fishing one winter day near Panguitch Lake, they did not anticipate their fishing trip being interrupted by a trap mule deer fawn stuck on the ice.

Jackson recalled remarking to his friend, “Dude, that’s a deer!’ We gotta go save it of course.”

Making their way to the baby deer, Jackson’s friend’s boot went through a crack of ice in the lake almost halting the two in their tracks. Mustering the courage to press on, Jackson told 2KUTV News, “I picked it up and it was super calm, super docile, like it kind of understood OK these guys are going to try and help me.”

As the ice began to break under the weight of the trio, they rushed to the shoreline. What happened next was captured on camera.

Source: Good News Network