‘I had $8 left in my account’: Virginia mother wins St. Jude Dream Home

After weeks of waiting, out of 10,000 tickets for the St. Jude Dream Home, Richmond woman Tyniqua Watkins is the lucky winner of the $480,000 home.

If you ask Watkins, the only thing more impressive than winning a home is the story behind her fateful ticket purchase.

“I’ve been praying I just needed some more space for me and my children,” said Watkins.


“I wanted to win that house. I had $8 left in my account.”


Watkins said she first saw the home after watching commercials showcasing the new home.

“Something says ‘Ty get a ticket. Get a ticket. Donate that hundred dollars. Donate that hundred dollars,’ and I was always scared so I didn’t do it,” said Watkins.

But fate has a funny way funny way of letting you know when the moment is just right.

“Today was the last day and it felt like something tapped on my shoulder and said ‘Ty get that ticket, step out on faith and get it,” said Watkins.

So with just $108 left in her bank account, Watkins spent her last $100 on a dream home ticket.

“I wanted to win that house. I had $8 left in my account,” she said.

But hours later, a phone call at work confirmed that her big risk paid off.

“Around 6:15 p.m. they called. They told me,” said Watkins. “Candice Smith was on live and she said I won the house.”

Watkins said her three children saw the details of their new home for the first time through her phone.

Throughout the evening, the family screamed with excitement and cried tears of joy.

“My house where I live at now is a blessing but this is just a bigger blessing,” said Watkins.

Watkins said her faith is bigger than any home they could dream to live in.

Source: WBTV