HR Executive Invest His Own “Human Resources” to Help Migrant Workers

Ramu Dosapati Source: Good News Network

For many residents in India, the year 2020 was exceptionally hard. In addition to grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, many communities throughout India have faced hardships from heavy flooding.

Noticing the magnitude of the needs in his community, corporate HR  executive Ramu Dosapati decided to invest his own “human resources.”

Working to ensure his community would not go without food, he spent ₹50 lakh of his own funds (approximately $61,000) to establish and run a ‘Rice ATM’, that doles out rice and other necessities 24/7 to those in need.

Dosapati’s road to philanthropy began with a visit to the store to pick up some items for dinner for his son’s birthday. While at the store, he noticed a woman buying close to $2,500 dollars’ worth of chicken.

Curious, he inquired why the lady was buying so much chicken. The woman, a security guard at a local migrant camp, was buying the chicken to support workers and families who had run out of food.

Recalling the story to Business Insider India, “When I asked her about her salary, she said it was ₹6,000. That made me think that if a lady with ₹6,000 salary can spend ₹2,000 on the needy, why can’t I do the same?”

Afterwards, Dosapati accompanied the security guard to the camp and made a list of roughly 200 people in need of assistance. Realizing quickly that his initial investment in the chickens would not be enough to feed all the families, he decided to do more.

Dosapati cashed in his retirement fund, and partnered with a local merchant, to open the Rice ATM food pantry. However, Dospati was not through.

Dospati had been working toward moving his family into a larger home and had even sold a parcel of ancestral land to secure funding. However, upon learning another group of migrant workers needed help, with the support of his family, Dosapati put those dreams on hold and invested more money to support the migrants.

Since the launch of the Rice ATM in April, news of Dosapati’s philanthropy has spread and outside donations have poured in to continue working to support families in need.

Source: Good News Network