Hospital Staff Help Couple Say “I do!”

This was not the wedding week Muniz and his fiancé Leimann expected.  The couple was on the verge of canceling their wedding due to Muniz being hospitalized and connected to an ECMO machine (a type of advanced life support).

After learning about Muniz’s nuptial plans, members of the medical team at San Antonio’s Methodist Hospital ICU decided to help this couple say their “I do’s.”  With the assistance of one of the nurses Matt Holdridge, they came up with the idea of having the wedding at the hospital instead.

Holdridge states, “The ball just kind of got rolling from there…A lot of people started volunteering for it. Before you knew it, every nurse in the unit knew about it and was trying to figure out ways to make it more special.”

For many patients battling critical illness, having a positive disposition is an essential component to recovery.  For Muniz, the wedding in the back of his mind caused his health rally. 

Holdridge said, “We were able to remove his feeding tube and he was able to eat on his own and drink on his own.”

The couple were married on August 11 with Leimann wearing a traditional white wedding dress and Muniz wearing a matching tuxedo T-shirt. Instead of a bride coming down the aisle, the groom, Muniz, was wheeled in—bed and all—to the sounds of music and an elated wedding party.

Holdridge remarked to CNN that planning this wedding was an uplifting experience that helped bolster the morale of the hospital staff and help bring joy to the newlyweds. He admitted, “We needed that just as much as they did.”

Source: Good News Network